NFL predictions, week 9

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
11 of 14 wins last week came from the home team. This week, I think it’s going to be more diverse…

Jets over Bills: I think this is the week that Favre realizes that he can’t force things so much, and needs to play within the system…well, mostly…
Bears over Lions: Could this be an upset, and Detroit finally wins one? Umm…no.
Jaguars over Bengals: Could this be an upset, and Cincy finally wins one? Umm…no.
Browns over Ravens: Cleveland mixed it up on offense last week and won…mixing it up with Baltimore is going to be necessary to beat their defense, but I think they’ll do it.
Packers over Titans: What, a decisive win over the Colts doesn’t relieve them of paper-tiger status? A win over Green Bay should help. Switched: GB is coming off a BYE, two of their key defensive players are returning, Rodgers is happier this week, and the Titans only real foe so far this season was the Colts…and the Pack beat them, too.
Bucs over Chiefs: I almost want to pick KC this time. Almost.
Rams over Cardinals: St. Louis has really turned it around the last three weeks, and they want to stay in the hunt. Besides, the last time they wanted Warner to win was when he quarterbacked them to a Super Bowl…
Texans over Vikings: Tough call. I might switch on this one.
Broncos over Dolphins: Going with the very cold, thin air advantage.
Falcons over Raiders: Just a hunch.
Giants over Cowboys: Originally, this was one of the biggest games of the year. Now the statuesque Drew Bledsoe…excuse me, Brad Johnson…is under center…for a few plays, anyway.
Eagles over Seahawks: Welcome back to reality, Seattle. God, I hate saying that about my own team…
Patriots over Colts: Originally, this was one of the biggest games of the year. Now Brady is OOF, and Manning *can* be beaten. Cassell’s stats show he has been playing like a first-year Brady, which if you recall, the situation didn’t turn out too shabby for the Patriots that year…
Redskins over Steelers: Originally, this was NOT one of the biggest games of the year. Now it’s the game of the week. I think Washington will exploit Pittsburgh’s front seven, and repeatedly put Big Ben on his back…that’s the formula other teams have used to beat these guys (re: Giants last week). Yes, I’m still pissed at them…


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