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NFL Predictions, week 6

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Uncategorized
I got five games wrong last week: three of them were by 3 points, one was by five points…and don’t talk to me about the Seahawks differential. I even got the tie-breaker points correct for the Saints, but all those turnovers and bad ref calls in the first half put points on the Vikings scoreboard. Oh well…

Not going into any reasons for my picks this week, I have more important things to do than document something nobody ever reads.

Bears over Falcons
Ravens over Colts
Vikings over Lions
Saints over Raiders
Jets over Bengals
Panthers over Bucs
Redskins over Rams
Texans over Dolphins
Broncos over Jaguars
Cardinals over Cowboys
Eagles over 49ers
Seahawks over Packers
Chargers over Patriots
Giants over Browns

Jeepers, a jury found Simpson guilty on all charges a few minutes ago. And here’s something slightly ironic: deliberations began 13 years to the day after Simpson was acquitted of
killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald

He could be looking at a sentence of 15-to-life. And you know what that means? That’s right…

He’s never going to find the real killers now.

Hyper-alert television viewers?

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
OK, so the blog title is a direct opposite of the classic ideal of the
"couch potatoe" (hey, I’m a Dan Quayle fan, ‘k?). When it comes to TV
advertising, did you know there was some research study discipline
known as "neuromarketing"? Me
neither. But somebody designed this thingy to measure heart rate,
breathing rate, eye-tracking, motion detect and, um…emotional
arousal…while watching TV. And it was applied specifically in this article
to gauge alertness of viewers when fast-forwarding thru commercials
using <unnamed digital video recording device>. Gee, I wonder
which DVR device they used for the study…anyway, seems that some
people actually remember commercials when fast-forwarding at either 3x
or 6x the time of normal speed, and advertisers are going to try and
craft their commercials to be more noticeable for this type of viewer
(and probably annoy those who are not using a DVR even more than ever before).

Well, this all doesn’t bode well for TV advertisers who are trying to
reach DVR people who use MCE…when I hit the skip button on my remote
control, I instantaneously jump 30 seconds: there is no 3x or 6x
fast-forwarding scan for my TV viewing pleasure, I move directly to the
next commercial or right back into the show. And I’m proud to say that
I don’t recall a single advertiser of any show I watch on my DVR
machine, simply cuz I don’t see their commercials at all (except for
those times I over-skip, back up, etc).

So, how about that Sarah Palin on TV earlier,
huh? Wow, she’s a looker, she is. Great smile. Nice hair. Sharp talk.
Oooozes confidence. Great personality and projection…she should run
for public office or something…

Darth Vader is finally getting a SAG Award.
It’s a lifetime achievement award. As I understand it, the award didn’t
come sooner because previous judges for the award were found
mysteriously asphyxiated to death…

I finally saw The Dark Knight two weeks ago. My gawd, all the positive
chatter about Heath Ledger’s performance didn’t do him justice. He was
truly amazing. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself that I was
watching Heath Fraking Ledger, cuz every time I saw him on the screen I thought of this woman…

NFL Week 5 predictions

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Going against conventional wisdom for some games this week, considering how upside-down everything was last week.

Cowboys over Bengals: losing to your arch-rival, on your home turf, is painful enough. Losing to Ocho Cinco and letting him kiss the star? Not an option.
Bucs over Broncos: tough choice, Denver’s D is finally exposed, but the game is at Mile High. I might switch on this one.
Bears over Lions: finally jettisoning Millen is not going to help against Chicago’s D.
Falcons over Packers: Rodger’s throwing shoulder is severely limiting his practice, and it may force him out of the game before half-time.
Dolphins over Chargers: Miami smushed the Pats by 25, they’re coming off a BYE, playing at home…why wouldn’t they be able to beat SD?
Seahawks over Giants: both are coming off a BYE, but two points: Seattle is getting back a few key players (like Engram and Branch), and the Giants had a heckuva time winning in their own stadium last year.
Redskins over Eagles: Philly is already getting banged up, while the ‘skins have majorly boosted confidence after beating the Cowboys down in Dallas, and riding up with a 3-1 record.
Cardinals over Bills: going with history…I don’t think the Bills have ever started 5-0, and Warner should get even more yards than last week if he doesn’t lose the ball again.
Patriots over 49ers: after losing only one game for an entire season, then getting soundly beaten by a team that won only one game for an entire season, what do you do? You punish the 49ers for that loss, that’s what you do…
Panthers over Chiefs: back to reality, KC fans.
Jaguars over Steelers: the classic smash-mouth football team doesn’t have a running game this week. Even Big Ben is a little banged up.
Ravens over Titans: going with history again…a 5-0 start? Not likely, especially against a defense like Baltimore’s.
Colts over Texans: time for Indy to get back on the horse.
Saints over Vikings: Vikings were paper Super Bowl contenders during the off-season. Brees is going to tear that piece of paper even further.

The latest killer deal

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
Most of my great deals have come from garage sailing. I check out the
"hot deals" forums around the web every couple of days looking for cool
stuff to buy at bargain prices, and occasionally find one I can take
advantage of. This deal transpired a little differently than the

Somebody posted an up-to 80%-off sale on tonneau covers at Amazon. One
of those things would have come in REALLY handy for my truck last week
on my trip to Mt. Rainier, so I figured I would get use out of having
one in the future. Alas, no deals for my specific truck (an ’06 Tacoma).

However, I decided to see what other items were available at Amazon
that would specifically fit my truck, so I started flipping through
pages and noticed one item with an unbelievably low price: a pair of Westin "Signature Series" chrome step bars, for just $63.65 with free shipping, and $5.73 in sales tax. Other e-commerce sites charge almost that much just for shipping.
First thought: major price mistake, they will never honor the purchase.
Second thought: what have I got to lose by trying? Third thought: buy
both pairs, and resell one pair thru Craig’s List or whatever for the
low, low price of just $200. Fourth thought: order one pair now, reduce
the risk of cancelation, and buy the other pair if the price doesn’t
change after the first pair has shipped.

Result: the first pair shipped.
I checked Amazon as soon as that happened, and sure enough, the price
was adjusted to a far more believable $383…but my invoice still shows
$63.65 + tax. They lost $320 on this sale, but I’m pretty certain they
would not tolerate losing $640, and would have canceled the entire
order if I tried buying both pairs. The fourth thought WINS (followed closely by the second thought…).

Mumbling along…

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

I don’t even want to talk about last week’s predictions. The only good thing from last weekend is that the Seahawks didn’t lose (of course, they had a BYE week, but that’s beside the point…). So let’s talk about T.O., shall we?

The (current) head coach of the Cowboys blamed their loss against Zorn’s Redskins on the fact that NFL glamour-boy Tony Romo called too many pass plays…way too many. In fact, on their ground game, Barbar touched the ball only eight times, and Felix didn’t get the ball at all. So what does T.O. say about this? He decides to piss and moan at Romo that he doesn’t get enough touches…only a dismal EIGHTEEN balls were thrown his way on Sunday…and that he doesn’t like the types of throws he’s been getting from his QB as far back as Week 1.

Mr. Romo, meet Mr. Bus. Owens never leaves home without it. On his radio show the other night, T.O. claimed there was no bus that he was throwing his QB under, and turned his insightful, mature wit toward a former Cowboy by referring to Keyshawn Johnson as "Sheshawn" three times.

While we’re on the subject of Cowboys players, it turns out Pacman has been told by the team to be less visible off the field. Considering that Pacman is in eighth place on the team for tackles, management obviously wants his overall visibility to be more balanced.

Closely related to the subject of the Cowboys is Jesus Christ (well, the two subjects are closely related in Dallas, anyway…). Archaeologists found a 2000-year-old bowl engraved with a phrase that could be the first known reference to Jesus. Translated it sez, "World’s Greatest Son".

The Rams haven’t won a single game this season, and their coach was fired…plus, he still gets paid for the entire year per his contract. The Raiders have won a game this year, and their coach was fired…but, he’s not going to get another dime of his contract. Yup, that sounds fair.

Of course, the reason the fired Raiders coach isn’t getting paid is because he’s a "flat-out liar". Asked to elaborate, Al Davis said,

I wanted to make it work, to be real honest. It’s my belief that I would work and it could work. I wanted to make it work.

When Davis asked why all the reporters were chuckling, unabashed laughter filled the room.

Shocking news of the week: Ricky Williams felt the urge to smoke some bud last week. On a related note, I looked at my fishbowl and wondered if my goldfish would feel the urge to swim today.