NFL Predictions, week 10

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Uncategorized
Went from the best week I’ve ever had to the worst week I’ve had in a
long while, and my leaderboard rank plummeted to 3382. My only solace
is that Peter King also had his worst week of the season, beating me by
one game. Ah well…

Ravens over Texans: Baltimore’s D is going to be too much for Houston
Browns over Broncos: Fresh QB, but Denver’s D is really sucking right now
Falcons over Saints: My upset pick of the week
Titans over Bears: Tennessee is just clicking, Chicago is all beat up, and Urlacher isn’t the same guy anymore
Lions over Jaguars: You might
think it’s the upset game of the week…but Detroit’s offense is
tickled fucking pink to have a QB like Culpepper calling the signals,
and they’re all going to raise the level of their game
Dolphins over Seahawks: Seattle has seldom been able to win in Miami, and Hasselbeck is still OOF
Packers over Vikings: Green Bay lost in OT last week, they’re going to be fired up this week
Patriots over Bills: Going with home field on this one
Jets over Rams: Favre made a
couple of bad decisions last week, but otherwise he did what I hoped he
would do: play within the system, don’t always try to force a big play,
play not to lose as much as to play to win
Panthers over Raiders: I need
to send my resume to Al Davis. I always wanted to coach an NFL team,
and it doesn’t seem like anybody with actual experience coaching
football wants the job…
Steelers over Colts: Who knew Leftwich was actually a good QB? This could be a shoot-out.
Chargers over Chiefs: KS put on a good show last week, actually kept the game close, but it won’t be the same story against SD
Eagles over Giants: They’ve both got some swagger going, they both hate each other intensely, going with home field for national TV
Cardinals over 49ers: Despite Arizona’s record, and solidly all alone in first place in the NFC West, who the hell is going to watch this game?


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