NFL Predictions, week 11

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
Last week, four games I picked wrong were decided by 5 points or less…dammit. The real brainfart was picking Detroit only because of Culpepper. But I do have two upset games predicted.

Patriots over Jets: I wish Comcast wasn’t so damn greedy, this might be a very close game. But I’m going with home field.
Falcons over Broncos: I just don’t think Denver can string two games together, and Atlanta is the biggest surprise in the NFL this year.
Eagles over Bengals: Welcome back to reality, Cincinnati
Packers over Bears: So very close last week, Green Bay is probably on a mission this week, and playing at home. Da Bears QB this week is…
Colts over Texans: I think Indy is finally getting things in a groove
Saints over Chiefs: Just a hunch
Dolphins over Raiders: Just another hunch
Ravens over Giants: Upset game of the week #1. NY needs a little jolt at home to humblize about
Bucs over Vikings: Tough call. Going with home field
Panthers over Lions: Fool me once…ok, so nobody fooled me, I fooled myself
Titans over Jaguars: They have to lose a game sometime this season…my guess is they’ll wait until Thanksgiving (wouldn’t THAT be a hoot)
49ers over Rams: A little better organized, and SF could have squeaked one out last week against the first-place Cards.
Seahawks over Cardinals: Upset pick of the week #2. Matt’s back, playing at home, and SF showed the West how to compete against Arizona
Steelers over Chargers: Hunch number 3
Redskins over Cowboys: Game of the week. Romo is back to guide the most-talented offense of disfunctional individuals in the NFL with a splint on his pinky. The ‘skins like the taste of Jim Zorn Kool-Aid, and they’re playing at home.
Bills over Browns: Too many seasons that Buffalo started strong, then faded away. Is it happening again? Well, they’re playing the Browns, so…


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