NFL Predictions, week 13

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Uncategorized
If I had remembered to make my picks in time for TNF last week, I would have picked 11 games correctly. As a result of my mistake, I’m not even in the top 4K on the leaderboard. Heavy sigh…

Titans over Lions: Many hoped to see the first time an 11-0 team went up against an 0-11 team on turkey day. Me, I correctly picked the Jets to win last week (and the Lions to lose again, of course…)
Cowboys over Seahawks: Every expert picked Seattle to win the division, even as late as the fifth week. I don’t see a street being named after Holmgren this time…
Cardinals over Eagles: Warner is getting a lot of MVP talk, even tho’ Drew Brees has better numbers. McNabb getting benched last week indicates to me that Philly is getting stupid-desperate.
Bills over 49ers: Buffalo started to slide, then came back strong last week.
Ravens over Bengals: Cincy players were spotted forming a line at the post office to buy stamps…
Colts over Browns: I want to pick an upset here: I saw way too many wobbles from Manning last week, but his passes are still connecting, so…
Packers over Panthers: I just can’t pick Carolina because of their record…the Pack is better than their record, and playing at home (has the tundra formed yet?)
Dolphins over Rams: I want to pick another upset here, but I think Miami really does want to win now.
Jets over Broncos: NY beat the last undefeated team last week. Better adjectives: pounded, strangled, humiliated, spanked.
Saints over Bucs: See comment above about Drew Brees.
Giants over Redskins: This should be a hard-fought game. I really want to pick Jim Zorn, but every time I consider it, I think of that TV…
Falcons over Chargers: Nobody can figure out what happened to SD, I’m just going to stop trying. Ok, maybe it’s cuz LT is almost a non-factor this year.
Raiders over Chiefs: After beating Denver, they have a winning attitude now. And no, I couldn’t type that without laughing, but c’mon, they’re playing KC…
Patriots over Steelers: I sure hope this is the TBA game listed at TV Guide…
Vikings over Bears: I don’t think I’ve picked the Vikings correctly all season, it’s driving me nutz.
Texans over Jaguars: MNF at home…that doesn’t happen much for Houston, they should be really fired up.


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