NFL Predictions, week 14

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
Chargers over Raiders: Life sucks when you get beaten by KC…
Bears over Jaguars: Until I saw the commercial last year, I never knew it was pronounced, "jag-yu-war".
Vikings over Lions: Just a hunch…even if half the team had been suspended…
Packers over Texans: I don’t see GB losing three games in a row.
Titans over Browns: Just another hunch.
Colts over Bungles: Cincy players have more stamps to use up…
Saints over Falcons: I want to pick Atlanta, but I think NO is going to bounce back, and they’re playing at home.
Eagles over Giants: Upset game of the week.
Ravens over Redskins: WA is going to try and bounce back after last week’s game against the Giants, which is going to make this a fun game to watch.
Dolphins over Bills: Scoring only 3 points against the 49ers indicates the game two weeks ago was just an illusion…Buffalo really is sliding as usual…
Broncos over Chiefs: Yet another hunch.
Jets over 49ers: It’s a hunch-lunch…
Cardinals over Rams: Hunch-a-bunch…
Steelers over Cowboys: Beating the 49ers and Seahawks the last two weeks doesn’t prove a damn thing to me…
Patriots over Seahawks: Pulled from SNF this week in favor of Redskins/Ravens
Bucs over Panthers: Game of the week, *and* it’s on MNF. I could easily switch on this one…

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