NFL Predictions, week 15

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
I guessed 13 games correctly last week, which is the best I’ve ever done in a 16-game week. But my leaderboard score dropped from 3001 to 3203, cuz a lot of people guessed 13 games correctly, and a few got 14. Drat…

Bears over Saints: I keep picking the Saints wrong, and this game could go either way. Going with home field.
Falcons over Bucs: Another tough choice, but the Bucs are playing a short week and showed how vulnerable they can be on MNF.
Redskins over Bengals: Cincy players have run out of stamps and are now using email.
Colts over Lions: Miami won their first game last year in Week 15. Detroit isn’t going to be as lucky…
Chiefs over Chargers: This is almost an upset pick, except that SD has been enormously disappointing this year.
Seahawks over Rams: Seattle put up a great effort against the Patriots, and St. Louis just seems to be rolling over.
Dolphins over 49ers: After the Niners beat the Jets, Miami knows they control their own destiny now and will not underestimate SF like everybody else has been doing lately.
Jets over Bills: I originally picked Buffalo, but now I’m thinking NY is going to come back strong after losing to SF.
Panthers over Broncos: I think this game is going to be over by half time.
Packers over Jaguars: Losing four weeks in a row? Good gawd…
Ravens over Steelers: Pittsburgh barely made it out alive against Dallas…it wasn’t even a close game until the end. Baltimore won’t make the same mistakes, and they don’t have a QB that implodes in December.
Titans over Texans: Just a hunch.
Cardinals over Vikings: Tavaris hasn’t started a game in awhile, regardless of how well he did coming off the bench last week.
Patriots over Raiders: How embarrassing if they were to lose to Oakland while in a three-way tie in their division.
Giants over Cowboys: Some think this is the game of the week. After Pittsburgh, I think Dallas is a herd of paper tigers.
Eagles over Browns: Another hunch.


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