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Thanksgiving angel

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Uncategorized
A 9-year-old child could have died in the desert of Arizona on Thanksgiving Day, after having survived a car wreck that killed his mother. A man from Mexico who was entering the U.S. illegally found him and gave up his hopes for finding work to protect that child and wait for help…knowing he would be deported back to Mexico once they were found. This story shows there are still good people in the world.
And some jackhole on the Right Coast wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a damn fence…

NFL Predictions, week 13

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
I improved to five wins in week 11…sheesh! Can you believe my pick of the Jets over the Steelers actually panned out? And with all the turkey stuff, I forgot to fill in my dance card at the Challenge for week 12…to be honest, I probably would have picked 10 correctly. On to week 13…
Packers over Cowboys: Tough choice. Neither has a running game, so we’ll see lots of air time…Favre should be the better passer. Defenses are relatively equal, too. Wow, tough choice.
Titans over Texans: I think Young has a personal goal to humiliate these guys at least 20 times during his career.
Colts over Jaguars: Another tough choice. Going with home field advantage on this one.
Chargers over Chiefs: Frauds, yes. But they should beat KC, considering they can’t decide on a starting QB.
Rams over Falcons: They destroyed Seattle during the first quarter, and lost only during the final possession…they will be too much for Atlanta.
Dolphins over Jets: They went to Heinz Lake, and held the Steelers scoreless until the final minute. They’re definitely good enough to beat the Jets (who isn’t?)
Lions over Vikings: Minnesota alternates their weeks between awesome wins and embarrassing losses…last week was an awesome win, so…
Seahawks over Eagles: Can you believe during the 4th quarter that AJ Feeley had better stats than Tom Brady? I mean, AJ Frickin’ FEELEY. Yes, they provided a blueprint on how to beat the Patriots…but they also provided a blueprint on how to be beaten, too.
Redskins over Bills: Another tough choice. But the ‘skins will be playing on emotion this week, and at home.
49ers over Panthers: Warner thru for almost 500 yards, and SF beat Arizona anyway. I think they have momentum now.
Broncos over Raiders: Again, unless Oakland throws Russell into the game. Damn, when is that guy gonna get on the field?
Browns over Cardinals: I want to say Arizona will bounce back, and at home…but I can’t for some odd reason. Could it be because they always completely unravel at this time of year? Perhaps…
Giants over Bears: Only cuz Eli doesn’t have to deal with a NY crowd booing on every down he plays…he’ll feel more comfortable away from home.
Saints over Bucs: Another tough choice. Should be a really good game, giving home field advantage here.
Bengals over Steelers: Will Heinz Lake be drained within six days? They got beat by the Jets, and they could barely defeat Miami, they won’t be so fortunate against a Bengals team that appears to have caught their stride.
Patriots over Ravens: Snooze-fest.

NFL Predictions, week 11

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
I got three games correct last week…THREE. Funny thing was, the teams I picked were picked by the majority of voters (except for Miami…my bad) so we’re all in the same boat. So how do I handle this? For my picks this week, I’m going to pick the opposing team to win over the team I believe will win. Looking over the list, half of them actually have a chance, the other half could be surprises.
Falcons over Bucs: Bucs are hot, but strange things have been going on in Atlanta for the last couple of weeks…they’re actually winning games
Cardinals over Bengals: Actually, I could have gone either way, but I truly did flip on my choice here
Giants over Lions: Lions will do better than -18 yards rushing this week…question is, which NY team is going to Detroit?
Panthers over Packers: This was a painful flip, I’m pretty sure I don’t get a TV because of this pick
Chiefs over Colts: Three losses in a row? It could happen…
Raiders over Vikings: Only if Russell plays…where is that guy? Still warming the bench?
Dolphins over Eagles: No, I’m not really picking them two weeks in a row…this is Opposite Week, remember?
Chargers over Jaguars: How did they beat the Colts with an offense that bad? Oh yeah, Manning threw six interceptions…
Ravens over Browns: Another game that I could have gone either way
Texans over Saints: Sure, NO is back on track…but who’s to say they won’t stumble again? It’s happened before…
Jets over Steelers: ha-HAAAAA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Redskins over Cowboys: Intense rivalry…could WA knock them off their high horse this week? Hmmm.
49ers over Rams: Another game that I could have gone either way
Bears over Seahawks: This is just for a TV folks, I really am hoping Bad Rex shows up
Patriots over Bills: You didn’t think I would actually pick against NE, did you? Psych…
Titans over Broncos: Vince Young has totally sucked over the last couple of games, but he might actually show up this week

NFL Predictions, week 10

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
7 of 14 last week. Ugh, I think that was my all-time worst effort. This week I think almost all home field teams are going to win…
Packers over Vikings: monster rush game last week, but the Vikes are going to Lambeau, and the Pack are running hot
Titans over Jaguars: should be a good game, but again I’m picking home field
Chiefs over Denver: it’s gonna be a battle, but again I’m picking home field
Dolphins over Bills: I can’t believe I’m picking Miami, but again I’m picking home field
Saints over Rams: not because again I’m picking home field…the Rams just simply suck
Steelers over Browns: the Browns look for-real, and turnovers were the primary way Pittsburgh won MNF, but again I’m picking home field
Redskins over Eagles: again I’m picking home field
Panthers over Falcons: seems everybody gets lucky with the Bengals, even the Falcons, and again I’m picking home field
Ravens over Bengals: seems everybody gets lucky with the Bengals, and again I’m picking home field
Raiders over Bears: again I’m picking home field…plus I hate Chicago
Giants over Cowboys: should be a really good game between two almost-equal teams, and again I’m picking home field
Lions over Cardinals: my first road team to win pick
Colts over Chargers: Indy needs to bounce back
Seahawks over 49ers: if Seattle doesn’t win, they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs…and again I’m picking home field